Liberty Hill Client Story PDG Consulting

Liberty Hill and PDG: Visualizing Justice through Data

See how PDG's custom data visualization platform is helping Liberty Hill pinpoint the data needed to tell this story and fuel campaigns that aim to end the practice of arresting and incarcerating youth and putting in its place investments in youth development in our newest Customer Success Story.

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Proof of Concept Facilitating the Future of M&E Enterprises in the Cloud

Proof of Concept: Facilitating the Future of M&E Enterprises in the Cloud

For media and entertainment (M&E) enterprises, moving to the cloud offers many benefits in future-proofing their frameworks. Learn more from our software engineers about how to properly facilitate best practices for cloud computing in today's article.

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Building A Digital Transformation Roadmap

The CEMCO Customer Journey | Building A Digital Transformation Roadmap

Old technologies being used to run a business and make decisions can be detrimental to financial margins. See how PDG helps North American manufacturing power house, CEMCO, improve their failed ERP implementation with our digital transformation technologies.

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Blockchain is the Future

Is Blockchain the next GPT?

Curious to know if Blockchain technologies is displaying all the signs of becoming the next GPT? Our Founding Partner at PDG, Brennan Binford, discuses the concept of Blockchain and what you should expect in the future of General Purpose Technology.

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Moving from QB to NetSuite

Net Positive: Why Moving from Quickbooks to NetSuite Makes Sense for IPOs

For companies now in the process of preparing for their IPO, this valuation variability offers the perfect chance to assess current operations, identify potential gaps, and put the right tools in place to ensure investor confidence. Learn more about why making the move to NetSuite may be a net positive for IPO operations in this article

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Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration: Smart Ways to Make the Move

The cloud is critical to business success. Learn about the benefits of cloud migration, explore common strategies for the shift, and other ways to make the move effective in this article.

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PDG Case Study - DAI Enablement

Case Study: Major MVPD Increases Inventory 10X with PDG Consulting

A major virtual multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD) looking to increase ad impact and expand its existing inventory turned to PDG Consulting to increase inventory and drive revenue.

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Top Trends in 2023 for DAI Dynamic Ad Insertion Solutions

What’s Next for DAI? Top Trends for 2023

With digital ad spending surpassing $210 billion this year, companies are looking for ways to make the most of customer moves to over-the-top (OTT) services. Learn more about upcoming 2023 trends for DAI in this article.

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NetSuite Partner Press Release

PDG Consulting Joins NetSuite Solution Provider Program

Leading technology services consultancy launches NetSuite practice to meet the growing demand for cloud ERP

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The Survival Guide to Understanding the OTT Landscape Streaming Wars

Understanding the OTT Landscape: The Streaming Wars Survival Guide

Understanding the OTT Landscape takes some research since the number of OTT services now available means that viewers can find whatever they're looking for and watch it wherever they want, all on-demand. Here's a Survival Guide to better understand the Streaming Wars!

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Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI): Four Best Practices for Content Providers

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI): Four Best Practices for Content Providers

The right DAI platform needs great technology infrastructure bolstered by a framework that helps OTT providers to streamline their revenue generation. Read PDG's blog on the four best practices for streaming services to make the most of dynamic ad insertion.

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Get the Most Value Out of Your ERP Solutions

More for the Money: Five Ways to Squeeze the Most Value out of Your ERP System

While ERP solutions are indispensable for enterprise operations, they don't always work as intended. Here are five ways organizations can get more for the money and squeeze the most value out of their ERP operations.

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Multinational Conglomerate Maximizes Licensing Valuations and Identifies Revenue Opportunities by Democratizing Advanced Analytics

Working with a multinational entertainment conglomerate, PDG Consulting helped build out existing analytics capabilities and create a single source of truth from multiple data sources. Learn more about our BI Case Study in this article.

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Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard Solutions

Getting the Most Out of Your Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business intelligence (BI) solutions serve a dual purpose. However, getting the most out of BI dashboards means using the right type in the right way for the right audience. Here's how to distinguish between your audience's needs and the appropriate dashboard type for your business.

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Client Delivery at PDG: Interview with Navarre Miles

Whether you're looking for help migrating to the cloud as a part of your digital transformation journey or want us to develop a custom application, we can handle it. To expand on this topic, we interviewed our Client Delivery Manager at PDG, Navarre Miles, to discuss our PDG client delivery methodology and so much more. Learn more here!

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SESAC Customer Success Story for Performance Rights Company

SESAC Customer Success Story | PDG Implements Digital Transformation to Enhance M&E Artist and Licensee User Experience

PDG galvanizes SESAC’s digital strategy to heighten digital proficiency, accelerate innovation, and ramp-up sales and operation. Read more about this innovative partnership here.

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Importance of Digital Transformation

Embracing Digital Transformation to Future-Proof Your Organization (White Paper)

In this white paper, Brennan Binford, Founding Partner at PDG Consulting, shares why now is the best time to embrace digital transformation and when buying, building, or adopting a hybrid approach makes sense. Learn more by visiting PDG's latest blog.

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Media & Entertainment Digital Transformation Trends 2022

Top Digital Transformation Trends for Media & Entertainment Enterprises in 2022

This blog will discuss how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and the top digital transformation trends that media and entertainment industry enterprises are likely to experience in 2022.

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Five Ways to Adapt Scrum for Software Consulting

Five Ways to Adapt Scrum for Software Consulting

This blog will discuss a few of the more common challenges of implementing Scrum during software consulting engagements, and how PDG Consulting has overcome them.

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SAP ECC vs. SAP S/4HANA: Everything You Need to Know Before You Make the Shift

Curious to know what would a move to SAP S/4HANA take, and how should you execute the migration? Here's what you need to know.

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NAB OTT Streaming Summit 2022 Recap

In this article, Kyle Gilster, Director of Client Delivery at PDG, shares insights about his experience attending the NAB OTT Streaming Summit 2022 event along with his top takeaways.

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Interview: T Kurera VP of People & Culture

In this article, T Kurera, VP of People & Culture at PDG Consulting, shares a full interview about PDG and the dynamic of how our team works.

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Excel UI vs. Web UI for Enterprise Business Planning

Excel UI vs. Web UI for Enterprise Business Planning

In this article, Brennan Binford, Partner at PDG Consulting, shares his insights on the ongoing Excel UI vs. Web UI debate when it comes to evaluating business planning tools.

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OTT Advertising, DAI

Expanding Your Content’s Reach with OTT: A Guide for Media Companies

In this article, we’ll delve into effective methods for content creators, studios, and traditional media companies to expand their content reach via OTT here.

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A State-of-the-Art Business Intelligence Platform For Ad Performance Analysis and Optimization—With Predictive Capabilities (White Paper)

At PDG Consulting, we work with a wide variety of clients in all types of industries—including well-known, major players in the entertainment industry. Our clients trust our technology and domain expertise, and frequently present us with their toughest, most innovative, high value software development projects.

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PDG Consulting to Speak at NAB’s OTT Streaming Summit

PDG to Speak at NAB’s OTT Streaming Summit on Key Tech Requirements for Building and Managing An OTT Service Panel—in Las Vegas | April 25, '22.

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AWS AppSync GraphQL and DDD blog post banner

AWS AppSync GraphQL and DDD-Oriented Architecture

GraphQL has gained lots of attention in recent years when it comes to implementing the web API. GraphQL provides declarative and self-documenting schema and allows the client to query only for the data it needs, in the format that it needs it in—significantly reducing the development time.

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Angular VS React

Angular vs React: Pros and Cons for Frontend Development

In this blog we take a high-level look at the pros and cons of the two most popular modern frontend frameworks, Angular and React, and how to decide which one is right for your project.

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Data Capture

Enterprise Ecosystem: Change Data Capture (Organized Chaos)

The technological landscape of the modern enterprise is complex. The need to continuously build, scale, and maintain the entire ecosystem is an omnipresent force that we constantly trade off against the need to deliver on time—or better yet—ahead of schedule.

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Data Lakes - Blog post & white paper image

Data Integration for Cloud Data Lakes: Architecture and Best Practices (White Paper)

Having the ability to make accurate data-driven business decisions in near real-time is a practical necessity in today’s fast-moving business environments.

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Digital Transformation

What Is Digital Transformation and Why Your Organization Should Care

In recent years, digital transformation has emerged as a common initiative pursued by forward-thinking organizations to stay competitive and relevant. This applies across the board, from traditional businesses in slow-moving industries making the digital leap forward to cloud-native firms looking to further their adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

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agile software development methodology

Making Agile Development Successful for Offshore Teams

Though IT and software development offshoring is hardly a new phenomenon, many organizations these days are reaping new benefits through the effective management of geographically distributed Agile teams.

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digital rights management software solutions

Film Industry Trends for 2022 That Affect Rights Management

With the world adjusting to the new normal brought on by ongoing COVID-19 disruptions and restrictions, the film industry and consumers alike are resorting to new platforms and methods for consuming, creating, and distributing entertainment.

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OTT Platforms

Everything You Need to Know About OTT Streaming & Dynamic Ad Insertion

Most people may not know what over-the-top (OTT) streaming is, but chances are the majority of consumers have already adopted it as their primary mode of consuming media—be it for listening to music, watching videos, playing games or making voice and video calls, to name a few.

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IoT Software Development Applications and Benefits

IoT Software Development: Applications and Benefits

Despite achieving buzzword status over the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to play a critical and ever-expanding role in today's digitized, highly connected economies.

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Remote SAAS Video Troubleshooting Customer Service Improves Communication Between Customers and Agents

PDG Consulting’s simple yet robust on-demand remote SAAS video troubleshooting and sharing solution lets companies eliminate visual barriers between their service center agents and customers to solve issues faster.

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