Five Ways to Adapt Scrum for Software Consulting

Five Ways to Adapt Scrum for Software Consulting

This blog will discuss a few of the more common challenges of implementing Scrum during software consulting engagements, and how PDG Consulting has overcome them. While this is not a comprehensive accounting of how to implement Scrum for software consulting projects, it does provide real world scenarios of how Scrum was successfully implemented given certain parameters.

For example, how do you allow for iterative development when your scope is fixed by a Statement of Work (SOW)? Do sprint demos still hold value if you cannot get end user buy-in to attend consistently? How do you plan for production support work that can pop up mid-sprint?

Before diving into specific interventions, though, first some definitions.

Agile vs. Scrum

What is a ScrumBut?

Five Scrum Adaptations

Where does PDG Consulting Fit In?

Rex Xu

Rex Xu, Manager of Client Delivery at PDG Consulting, graduated from the University of Southern California with a dual degree in Computer Science and Business Administration. He has 6 years of experience in enterprise software across B2B sales and project management. On the weekends, you can find him at the climbing gym or hunting for the perfect piece of fruit at the farmers’ market.