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Making Agile Development Successful for Offshore Teams

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Though IT and software development offshoring is hardly a new phenomenon, many organizations these days are reaping new benefits through the effective management of geographically distributed Agile teams. By leveraging Agile and offshore talent to drive the organization’s development efforts, engineering leaders are well-positioned to enjoy the main benefit of offshoring, cost-effectiveness, as well as deliver projects on time, better align the team’s objectives, and ensure optimal software quality.

In this article, we’ll discuss how organizations can incorporate offshore development teams into their Agile engineering and development initiatives, followed by guidelines and best practices for transforming potential offshoring challenges into Agile team force multipliers.

Agile Offshore Teams: Opportunities and Challenges

Juggling Multiple Time Zones

Enhancing Communications

Creating a Common Cultural Fabric

Making Agile Successful Offshore

Handling Multiple Time Zones

Selecting the Right Tools and Methodologies

Communicating Effectively

Fostering Stronger Team Connections

Along with encouraging effective communications between local and remote Agile teams, organizations can leverage development processes and techniques that bolster team unity.

For example, pair programming is a popular development method that brings two developers together to develop in concert. This allows them to learn new programming styles, techniques, and design choices or patterns while building camaraderie and personal connections—all while creating knowledge redundancy and failover mechanisms, since paired team members both have knowledge of the same section(s) of code.

Provide Offshore Developers Visibility to Clients

Where possible with Client buy-in, provide opportunities for Offshore developers to engage and have visibility to clients. Especially early on in a project, bi-weekly meetings amongst the onshore, offshore, and client teams will allow for greater connectivity, vision building, and a stronger sense of team.

Agile Success Story: PDG Consulting

By leveraging the above methods to harmonize efforts between our U.S. and Mumbai-based Agile offshore teams, PDG has consistently delivered innovative solutions to Fortune 500 and midsize clients requiring custom enterprise software development and large-scale custom applications.

Check out some of PDG’s client projects to find out what’s possible with distributed Agile development teams.

Leveraging Offshore Agile Development

Organizations stand to benefit immensely from the combination of Agile methods with the cost-effectiveness of offshoring, and working with offshore development teams. That said, the coordination of geographically dispersed Agile teams requires special methods that differ from traditional Agile team management.

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