While PDG Consulting has a full complement of resources who can help at any point in the systems development life cycle, our forte is translating business requirements into application design, delivering a high-quality user-centric product, and adapting the product over time as business needs change.

Our Teams pride themselves on eliciting requirements using business-speak, translating those discussions into technical documentation, scalable designs, and impactful solutions.

We provide 24/7/365 application management support for many of the applications that we’ve developed to ensure continuity between the project team and the long-term run state.


We are Agile purists. As such, we believe the most important goal of any project is to satisfy the end-user through early and continuous delivery of useful software.


We start small on projects – and make every effort to stay small. Projects may not end small, but in our opinion they should start that way. When managed well and properly staffed, clients are amazed by the volume of work we deliver in such a short time period by our tight, experienced team. With small teams, costs are minimized, communication is maximized, and software is built timely and accurately.


Our industry-experienced developers wear all hats on PDG projects. Developers with deep business knowledge are invaluable in understanding customer requirements and providing valuable insights into solutions that address business problems - insights that are critical to designing and building quality, usable, and maintainable systems. This experience extends into all other project phases including project management, quality assurance, and support.

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