AWS AppSync GraphQL and DDD-oriented Architecture

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GraphQL has gained lots of attention in recent years when it comes to implementing the web API. GraphQL provides declarative and self-documenting schema and allows the client to query only for the data it needs, in the format that it needs it in—significantly reducing the development time. AWS AppSync is a fully-managed service that provides scalable GraphQL interface for developers to combine data from multiple sources including Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and HTTP APIs. Because AppSync provides the unified access to the different data sources, it can become a critical service orchestrator for a DDD (Domain-Driven Design) oriented architecture. This post will talk about a use case of this feature that people considering adopting AppSync at the software architecture may overlook.

Domain-Driven Design and AWS AppSync

Example: Streaming Video Metadata System

Figure 1:

Streaming Video Metadata Arch


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