Multinational Conglomerate Maximizes Licensing Valuations and Identifies Revenue Opportunities by Democratizing Advanced Analytics

Working with a multinational entertainment conglomerate, PDG Consulting helped build out existing analytics capabilities and create a single source of truth from multiple data sources. Learn more about our BI Case Study in this article.

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Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard Solutions

Getting the Most Out of Your Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business intelligence (BI) solutions serve a dual purpose. However, getting the most out of BI dashboards means using the right type in the right way for the right audience. Here's how to distinguish between your audience's needs and the appropriate dashboard type for your business.

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A State-of-the-Art Business Intelligence Platform For Ad Performance Analysis and Optimization—With Predictive Capabilities (White Paper)

At PDG Consulting, we work with a wide variety of clients in all types of industries—including well-known, major players in the entertainment industry. Our clients trust our technology and domain expertise, and frequently present us with their toughest, most innovative, high value software development projects.

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Data Lakes - Blog post & white paper image

Data Integration for Cloud Data Lakes: Architecture and Best Practices (White Paper)

Having the ability to make accurate data-driven business decisions in near real-time is a practical necessity in today’s fast-moving business environments.

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