Remote SAAS Video Troubleshooting Customer Service Improves Communication Between Customers and Agents

PDG Consulting’s simple yet robust on-demand remote SAAS video troubleshooting and sharing solution lets companies eliminate visual barriers between their service center agents and customers to solve issues faster.


Los Angeles, Calif. (Nov. 2, 2021)—Los Angeles based PDG Consulting (PDG) announces the launch of a video troubleshooting customer care solution for improved visual communication between any organization’s care center agents and their customers using its Agent On-Hand™ tool that gives reps the ability to troubleshoot equipment and provide services via on-demand video sharing.

Agent On-Hand™ also allows agents the ability to add video sharing to their support tech-stack to better service their customers. With a robust feature list that lets agents choose video or photo mode, capture images, and annotate on-screen—highlighting areas of concern and product features, and identifying what steps to take to resolve an issue—Agent On-Hand helps remote agents resolve customer issues faster.

Single Click

Remote Video Troubleshooting CS Tool Removes Barriers single click

The best part? Agent On-Hand customers simply single-click an SMS link to instantly join the room and start sharing video from their location! So instead of trying to explain a complicated issue over the phone or via email with photos, they can get the help they need and fast resolution to their issue. Calls are secure, not saved, so customer privacy is always maintained.

Customer Driven

Agent On-Hand™ was built for the dynamic world we live in by a team of technologists dedicated to on-going feature innovation—allowing a highly customizable, customer-branded, seamless experience for users—and the ability to have multiple agents join a customer’s room, allowing teams to resolve issues faster.

Agent On-Hand™ also gives companies the chance to create a more personal connection between their agents and customers!

Service Center Integration