Proof of Concept Facilitating the Future of M&E Enterprises in the Cloud

Proof of Concept: Facilitating the Future of M&E Enterprises in the Cloud

For media and entertainment (M&E) enterprises, moving to the cloud offers many benefits in future-proofing their frameworks. Learn more from our software engineers about how to properly facilitate best practices for cloud computing in today's article.

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PDG Case Study - DAI Enablement

Case Study: Major MVPD Increases Inventory 10X with PDG Consulting

A major virtual multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD) looking to increase ad impact and expand its existing inventory turned to PDG Consulting to increase inventory and drive revenue.

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Top Trends in 2023 for DAI Dynamic Ad Insertion Solutions

What’s Next for DAI? Top Trends for 2023

With digital ad spending surpassing $210 billion this year, companies are looking for ways to make the most of customer moves to over-the-top (OTT) services. Learn more about upcoming 2023 trends for DAI in this article.

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The Survival Guide to Understanding the OTT Landscape Streaming Wars

Understanding the OTT Landscape: The Streaming Wars Survival Guide

Understanding the OTT Landscape takes some research since the number of OTT services now available means that viewers can find whatever they're looking for and watch it wherever they want, all on-demand. Here's a Survival Guide to better understand the Streaming Wars!

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Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI): Four Best Practices for Content Providers

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI): Four Best Practices for Content Providers

The right DAI platform needs great technology infrastructure bolstered by a framework that helps OTT providers to streamline their revenue generation. Read PDG's blog on the four best practices for streaming services to make the most of dynamic ad insertion.

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Multinational Conglomerate Maximizes Licensing Valuations and Identifies Revenue Opportunities by Democratizing Advanced Analytics

Working with a multinational entertainment conglomerate, PDG Consulting helped build out existing analytics capabilities and create a single source of truth from multiple data sources. Learn more about our BI Case Study in this article.

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SESAC Customer Success Story for Performance Rights Company

SESAC Customer Success Story | PDG Implements Digital Transformation to Enhance M&E Artist and Licensee User Experience

PDG galvanizes SESAC’s digital strategy to heighten digital proficiency, accelerate innovation, and ramp-up sales and operation. Read more about this innovative partnership here.

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Media & Entertainment Digital Transformation Trends 2022

Top Digital Transformation Trends for Media & Entertainment Enterprises in 2022

This blog will discuss how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and the top digital transformation trends that media and entertainment industry enterprises are likely to experience in 2022.

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PDG Consulting to Speak at NAB’s OTT Streaming Summit

PDG to Speak at NAB’s OTT Streaming Summit on Key Tech Requirements for Building and Managing An OTT Service Panel—in Las Vegas | April 25, '22.

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digital rights management software solutions

Film Industry Trends for 2022 That Affect Rights Management

With the world adjusting to the new normal brought on by ongoing COVID-19 disruptions and restrictions, the film industry and consumers alike are resorting to new platforms and methods for consuming, creating, and distributing entertainment.

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