Our software technology solutions are aligned with organizational goals in the media & entertainment, satellite television or broadcasting & cable, advertising, manufacturing & distribution, telecom, over-the-top (OTT) streaming, and other industries. By investing in enterprise technology and creating bespoke software that has the capacity to exact change in our clients' organizations, our cloud software engineers can help steer passionate teams towards positive and stable growth. Our legacy system development services are second to none.

Enterprise Technology From PDG Consulting

Our team of expert IT consultants and full stack software engineers has gained a wealth of experience utilizing various software development technologies to design custom business development, ERP, digital transformation of legacy systems, and cloud-based software solutions, plus implement comprehensive partner systems. To achieve this, we use robust enterprise technology for all legacy ecosystem development projects, including:

Data is only as powerful as your ability to aggregate and consume the data available. Leverage our team to implement existing Business Intelligence platforms, or build custom solutions, to maximize your ability to capitalize on the data available. Our full stack technologists and IT consultants have developed proprietary business intelligence tools for large media corporations including contract management and rights management systems, custom data warehouses, integrations for sales & distribution systems, financial accounting, forecasting, and more.

Through the use of cloud platforms and legacy system development expertise, PDG can help you streamline infrastructure and data storage costs while still maximizing your ROI. We can help you migrate legacy systems and data to the cloud, build new applications in the cloud, or implement existing software in the cloud. To this end, we have created APIs to migrate legacy assets, built security authorization modules, and designed custom web interfaces using optimized UI/UX. We are your choice legacy cloud technology expert engineers.

ERP software is a powerful cloud software tool that allows for streamlined management of your business within a single platform. Our ERP software is an example of our enterprise technology capabilities with customized systems to handle media licensing, customer data, fees, shipping information, and more. The ability to integrate with financial accounting and cash flow forecasting provides our clients with a customizable ERP software solution that helps manage data, optimize processes, and ultimately reduce costs and maximize productivity.

Take advantage of the latest technology to capture critical data that can be used to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiencies, and monitor productivity. From developing movement tracking systems for products and goods to creating custom websites to work with LoRa GPS devices and Bluetooth LE, our technologists are prepared to utilize every tool within range to build a cloud technology solution or develop a profitable legacy ecosystem tailored to your needs.

Implement a CRM solution to help you manage sales prospects and improve sales forecasting, build better customer relationships via centralization of customer-centric data, and improve productivity and efficiency in your overall sales cycle / customer management. PDG’s software engineers can help you define your CRM strategy and customize a CRM implementation to maximize the potential gains from the overall cloud software solution.

Data is only as good as your ability to mine that data. To that end, understanding the interconnectedness of the various data components and intelligently structuring the logical relationships is crucial. Our database architecture development services can provide necessary integrations for your licensing modules, reporting systems, rights management software and modernizing UI/UX interfaces to improve your company’s profitability. Whether you need our CCAE software suite or need new application components to your digital content, our full stack software engineers can help.

Our machine learning software technology experience builds algorithms to allow you to gain insights from your data. Machine learning is a statistical concept that helps algorithms improve; therefore, it is crucial for businesses to have their own customized legacy ecosystem to help identify and understand patterns and behaviors that impact ROI. Whether you are looking to increase sales or reduce fraud, PDG can customize a machine learning technology solution to help you accomplish your goals.

The implementation of flexible and scalable internal applications that evolve with the ever-changing world is essential to your company’s ecosystem. PDG’s application and legacy system development experts can customize unique applications to fit your internal business process and operational needs so you can focus on your bottom line. From UX design and business requirements to testing facilitation and deployment, we are a full-service, start to finish application development team.

Why Choose PDG for Your Software Solution Development?

At PDG Consulting, our software engineers have a clear view of the developing and diverse needs of our clients. To learn more about our services, contact us today.