Do you need real-time performance, highly reliable technologies, and systems that perform specific functions like Bluetooth prototypes or GPS tracking? Enter PDG Consulting. We have the expertise to provide the right custom embedded system solutions for your company. Technology changes rapidly and is causing many businesses to struggle to keep up. Finding the right solutions provider to implement necessary custom technology solutions, like embedded systems, can be challenging. Internet of Things (IoT) embedded systems are all around us with most using them on a daily basis. However, what makes each system unique is that they can be highly customized to solve specific business problems. These custom hardware and software combinations are often part of a larger ecosystem of components, making them a key factor in overall business success. We can help you unlock the business value of your devices via embedded system programming. For example, in partnership with Mozza, PDG developed a custom embedded system to track assets in remote locations. The platform incorporates multiple technologies that transmit data to cloud IoT services. This real time data provides farmers with powerful information to make informed data driven decisions.

Below are just a few of the technologies we have utilized in embedded software development projects:

  • Java 11
  • Spring Boot
  • MySQL (RDS)
  • Kafka (AWS MSK)
  • Maven
  • React
  • Cloudfront

Why Choose PDG Consulting as your Embedded Systems & iOT Technology solutions provider?

At PDG, our experts will be with you every step of the way—from understanding your business needs to developing individualized embedded software development—all the way through to implementation and training. Whether for small business technology or large enterprise company operations and industrial applications, you’ll be ready to take on your competitors and provide appropriate resolution for your customers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we use different technologies to accomplish these goals.


Project Name

Farm IP


PDG is building a platform to track assets on farms. This includes developing a complete website to enable user and asset setup along with building and deploying prototypes of mobile and embedded systems.

Tech Stacks

Spring | React | MySQL | AWS IoT

Big Data / Business Intelligence
Cloud Platforms
Database Architecture
IoT / Embedded Systems
Machine Learning
Application Development