Interview: T Kurera VP of People & Culture


PDG Consulting is a Los Angeles-based technology firm whose success is a result of the skills and strength of its people and culture. We continuously seek top level talent to add to our already diverse team as we continue to provide best-in-class service for our clients.

As you will soon find out, our unique company culture is the key to our success—especially in the hybrid and virtual workplace we have found ourselves in over the last few years. To learn more, we interviewed T. Kurera, PDG Consulting’s VP of People & Culture.

During our conversation, we dove into how PDG fosters and develops its culture, with a strong focus on diversity and inclusion. We also get a behind-the-scenes peek into the people-side of the tech consulting industry and how PDG’s engagement tactics help overcome remote work.

The Interview

PDG Team
PDG Consulting People and Culture

What is your favorite question to ask an interviewee?

Tell me about yourself?

Why the above question?

Because when you hear what people like to highlight in their elevator pitch, it gives you direction in terms of how to frame the remainder of the discussion. Also, if they are able to answer the question well, they are prepared. If not, then they clearly don’t plan ahead for the future, which impacts their chances of being a candidate for PDG.

If you could give a recruiter in tech one bit of advice, what would it be?

Know the primary hiring criteria that clients are looking for. In our case, we are always in need of business analysts who are technical, and engineers who enjoy hands-on development at all levels. Both of these roles require strong communication skills, and a desire for a diversity of experience.