More than a job, a career.

At PDG we focus on building careers by putting people first, giving them the opportunity to develop best-of-breed technology skills, and empowering them to make an impact on our clients and in the communities where we live and work. At PDG, we put our dedication and obsession to work every day in a culture focused on the success of people.

The PDG Difference

The PDG difference is the result of knowing that the success of PDG is directly connected to the happiness and well-being of our people.

The PDG Community

Our PDG community is built on the foundation of 360° support for our people, by our people, to pursue their career aspirations, personal development goals, and passion for giving back. Developing a culture of encouragement and support is at our core and begins with our people. For this reason, we are very selective at all levels with whom we invite to join PDG.

Pursuing Work Life Balance

We know our people are only as good as the balance they are able to maintain outside the work environment. We give our people the opportunity to take vacations via our Open Vacation Policy, and we encourage them to take it. Whether it be a long weekend here and there or a trip abroad—we know the time you spend with your friends and family is valuable, and makes you a better part of the PDG Community.

Inclusion and Diversity

We live and breathe—emanate really—a diverse and inclusive workplace and look to hire based on this ethos. This manifests every day in the way we treat each other and how we interact with our clients. We encourage open conversation, are fearless truth-seekers, and support our people to learn and grow professionally and personally. We know that inclusion and diversity in all forms leads to success.

Our People

We are musicians, chefs, storytellers, volunteers, sailing enthusiasts, mathematicians, yogis, hikers and bikers, Disney fans, environmentalists, vegans, surfers, skiers and snowboarders, designers, adventurers, and gamers. We are obsessed with technology and love what we do. We approach our work with passion and fervor, and always execute to the best of our ability—putting our clients’ best interests first—with professional integrity and perseverance. We are obsessive about bringing out the best in our people, and it shows in our work.

PDG Performance Management, Coaching, & Mentoring

We believe in building a culture of coaching, mentorship, and continuous feedback by providing our people a senior level leader to guide and invest in their career every step of the way. The role of the PDG Coach is to be an advocate by providing mentorship, and performance guidance and feedback.

Key duties of the PDG Coach:

  • Setting and monitoring yearly goals
  • Quarterly and more check-ins
  • Mid-year Check-ins
  • Advocate for Employee Counselee at Year-end Performance Assessment Meetings

PDG Benefits

We understand the delicate balance between work and life. And while some say that work-life balance doesn’t exist... Well, They Haven’t Worked With Us

  • Open Vacation Policy
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Sick Days
  • 100% remote option (based on client preference)
  • Wellness programs & there’s more!
  • Open Vacation Policy
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Sick Days
  • 100% remote option (based on client preference)
  • Wellness programs & there’s more!

PDG Also Provides Life-Enhancing Benefits Such As
  • Employer-paid 50% contributions to health benefits packages for employee, spouses, and children including medical, 99% dental HMO and vision insurance. (Dental PPO is also available at an extra cost.)
  • Life/AD&D
  • 401K benefits with company match
  • Health Flexible Spending Account (FSA) & Dependent Care Assistance Program
  • Paid parental leave
  • Monthly cell phone reimbursement
  • Laptop & accessories
  • Continuing Education & Certification Benefits
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