In ERP, IndustriesBy PDG ConsultingOctober 25, 2022

More for the Money: Five Ways to Squeeze the Most Value out of Your ERP System

Get the Most Value Out of Your ERP Solutions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are a priority for organizations, with 50% planning to acquire, upgrade, or update their ERP in the near future. Market data backs up this planning potential: By the end of 2022, the ERP spending is on track to reach $51 billion, and by 2030 will more than double to $105 billion.

Despite ongoing adoption, however, ERP challenges remain. Consider that 50% of implementations fail the first time, between 51 and 54% of companies experience operational disruption when they activate ERP systems and 92% of CIOs say that these systems represent organizational bottlenecks that can negatively impact data sharing and collection.

The result? While ERP solutions are indispensable for enterprise operations, they don’t always work as intended. Here are five ways organizations can get more for the money and squeeze the most value out of their ERP operations.

Regularly Review Business Practices

Provide Users with Targeted ERP Training

Identify and Manage Potential Change Issues

Consider Custom ERP Development

Focus on Future Trends

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