Embracing Digital Transformation to Future-Proof Your Organization (White Paper)

Importance of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is here and becoming more prevalent every day. It is the process of integrating digital technology into your organization’s operational processes, essentially transforming how you deliver value to stakeholders. Research by PwC found that 60% of executives believe digital transformation to be “their most important growth driver” in 2022.

If your organization has not undergone a digital transformation, you are rapidly becoming the minority in the business world. It is not a matter of if your company will digitally transform but when.

In this white paper, Brennan Binford, Founding Partner at PDG Consulting, defines digital transformations and shares why now is the best time to embrace digital transformation and when buying, building, or adopting a hybrid approach makes sense.

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Brennan BinfordBrennan Binford, Founding Partner at PDG, has been implementing
financial, forecasting, business intelligence, and ERP solutions since 1998. He specializes in revenue and margin forecasting, tax, and learning industry specific practices. Prior to focusing on business intelligence / forecasting, Brennan built and delivered financial and ERP solutions across a wide range of industries. He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Applied Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM).