Multinational Conglomerate Maximizes Licensing Valuations and Identifies Revenue Opportunities Through Advanced Analytics


Partnering with a multinational media and entertainment conglomerate, PDG Consulting helped build out existing analytics capabilities and create a single source of truth from multiple data sources. The end result is a one-stop shop for many of the company’s internal teams to make actionable insights and strategic and tactical business decisions. Having everyone use the same source of truth cuts down on miscommunications and contradicting data.


The Challenge: Making Best Use of Existing Data Resources

The Solution: Delivering Data Stewardship

  • Data cleanup and connections
  • Data storage and accessibility
  • Data transformation
  • Analytical applications of data
  • Data refreshing
  • Data reporting
  • Ad-hoc and bespoke analysis

One of the goals of the Tableau dashboards was to democratize the data into self-service data views so that Sales, Marketing and other divisions (e.g. digital home entertainment EST/VOD) could access information quickly and without having to rely on Sales Planners to extract data sets from department-specific systems and manually connect disparate datasets. The suite of dashboards and tools built centralized the data and enabled quick access to views and ultimately saved the organization significant time and effort.

Bruce helped build out an analytical database in Teradata—a technology the company was already heavily using—that stored replicated and blended data sets from across the organization. One of the key technologies that Bruce relied on was Alteryx, which he used to translate complex SQL stored procedures and data manipulations into easy-to-understand workflow jobs that the Analytics team could maintain themselves. With Alteryx’s user-friendly interface, anyone on the team could enhance or modify an existing job regardless of their technical experience. The Analytics team then creates Tableau dashboards that connect to their various data sets which allows users across the organization to leverage the analyses or export the data themselves for more nuanced analyses.

The Results: Better Understanding of Asset Value

The emerging SVOD market has changed the entertainment landscape. To succeed as a global distributor, the company must deliver a mix of content driven by current events—such as movies related to a celebrity currently in the news—and library titles that are once again becoming popular.

“One of our biggest initiatives is our Catalog Growth Initiative,” says Bruce. “We have the relevant performance data, and it shows that older titles perform really well. This gives us the reason to enhance standard-definition (SD) content to high-quality (HD) content and sell it to 300 territories worldwide. And within these territories, pricing is nuanced. We provide data to drive discussion on fees and revenue.”

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Discover how PDG can help deliver data value.