Case Study: Major MVPD Increases Inventory 10X with PDG Consulting

PDG Case Study - DAI Enablement


Client: Satellite TV and vMVPD Provider

Region: North America

Industry: DAI & OTT Streaming

Client Challenge: Enable DAI on live channels on the vMVPD’s OTT streaming service for ad breaks owned by the Programmer while maintaining separation of ad decisioning between the vMVPD and Programmer.

Solution: PDG partnered with the vMVPD, SSAI and DAI vendors, and Programmers to implement and launch a new way to trigger and make decisions on ad breaks using DAI.


  • Increased dynamic ad insertion inventory on major networks by 10x, resulting in similar ad revenue increases
  • Enabled and maintained use of separate ad decision services and break allocations between the vMVPD and the Programmer
  • Maintained optimal viewer experience

As content providers and distributors look to maximize their ad impact in the streaming market, new opportunities are emerging. The challenge? Capturing these opportunities to drive improved revenue.

Case in point: A major virtual multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD) looking to increase ad impact and expand its existing inventory turned to PDG Consulting to increase inventory and drive revenue.

The Challenge: Breaking the Mold

The Solution: Creating a New Commercial Break

The Results: More Inventory, More Opportunity

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