Los Angeles, California, USA downtown cityscape at sunsetAlok joined PDG India in 2014 just after completing Engineering in Computer Science. Since then he has been working on different technologies like PL/SQL, SAP ABAP and VBA. He is also experienced in Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Android. He likes to learn and play guitar in his free time. He hunts for excellence in every task that he takes up.


danielDaniel Oh started working at PDG in 2013 and is experienced in PL/SQL, Java, and C++. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Math/Economics and a specialization in Computing. He likes to play basketball and video games during his free time and enjoys attempting to make jokes.


danielperez_popupDaniel Perez developed a powerful interest in software development as a recreational programmer during his undergraduate years at UCLA. His background involves developing testing strategies for line-of-business and enterprise applications; he has particular expertise in leveraging test automation frameworks such as TestNG and Selenium. Daniel’s lifelong passion is soccer, every weekend he can be found kicking the ball around somewhere while enjoying his time with friends and family.


jasonwuThe epic of Jason Wu begins with his graduation from UCLA with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Engineering amid adoring fans and thunderous applause. He joined PDG without delay for they both saw each other’s potential for growth. Skilled with his newly amassed knowledge of VBA, SAP and ABAP, Jason has entered the never ending conquest of financial reporting solutions.


jia-mian-popup-1209_medium Jia has spent a lot of time with Java, C and C++ and most recently PL/SQL. Jia enjoys his time programming and one day hopes to fully understand all the programming and emotional aspects of the languages he is exposed to.


jonathan-wong-popup_1199_mediumty of scientific computing languages, from Mathematica and MATLAB to IDL and R. In his spare time he enjoys being agonized by his favorite teams (A’s, Raiders, Warriors), reading about sports analytics, and building small electronics projects.


kyle-popup-flippedKyle has experience in project management, requirements gathering, and software testing. He was brought up in a family of IT professionals and graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a major in Business Information Systems and a minor in Being Awesome. Kyle is an avid fan of soccer, hockey, and rock music, and is known for his impeccable tastes and gentlemanly mannerisms.


lindaxupopupLinda graduated from USC with a degree in Computer Engineering. She has experience with Java, Javascript, PL/SQL, and C++. In her spare time she enjoys playing video games and the flute.


michaelMichael graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Economics and Policy. While he dreams of someday being able to dunk in a basketball game, realistically he is focused on financial reporting solutions, and one day starting his own business.


Varadha has 10 years of experience in IT Consultancy. He enjoys working on J2EE, JSF-Seam, UI development, Oracle and Mainframe systems. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Booma and two children Vaishu & Venkat. He has a passion for Manchester United soccer team and hopes one day to watch them play live in Old Trafford stadium.