benjamin-popup-208_mediumBenjamin graduated from New York University Class of 2016 with a bachelors in Economics and Business Studies.  As a San Diego native, he jumped at the opportunity to escape the harsh New York City weather conditions and return to sunny SoCal to apply and expand upon his business-oriented education background at PDGC to begin his professional journey in the tech industry.  Outside of work, his interests include a fascination with the world of applied statistics, specifically in basketball and poker, and an endless appetite for fish tacos.



bhawanigangadharipopupBhawani joined the PDGC team in 2015. She has completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology and has a Diploma in Software Testing. She has hands-on knowledge of HTML, SQL Basic and Automation Tools like ALM, QTP and Selenium. She loves traveling and reading books.



bruce-bui-popupBruce is a small-town guy at heart — born and raised in Iowa — but his passion for adventure and filling his curiosity is what brought him to big city life. As a Northwestern University graduate, he began his engineering career with an Oracle-ATG firm in Chicago developing e-commerce and web-based applications. By result of working directly alongside business analysts and project managers, he’s focused his development based on a deep knowledge of functionality and usability. Building software and learning the intricacies of each component is one-half of what he enjoys; seeing how those technological solutions enrich people’s work and lives is the other.

Outside of talking to computer systems and understanding their sometimes stubborn ways, Bruce enjoys cooking (and, of course, eating), cycling, and connecting with people through food, travel, and culture. Unless it’s fantasy football season.



chi-lieu-popupChi is a test specialist who hails from the wilds of Australia. He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales and has tested applications in a variety of industries including insurance, telecommunications and government. He is passionate about testing and new methodologies that improve the quality of software. Outside of PDG, he enjoys martial arts and vegemite sandwiches.



cj-popupOfficial pizza connoisseur, Apple fanboy, and art enthusiast. While originally from New Jersey, CJ is a true California native at heart (or at least he wishes he was). CJ is a graduate from Pepperdine University, where he studied Computer Science and Multimedia Design. He has a huge passion for programming, specifically creating and working with APIs, as well as iOS App development. In his free time, CJ loves to travel, hike, and geek out with new technologies. Loud and unafraid to share his opinions, CJ is fueled by his passion for technology and helping others.



dan-m-024_mediumIf Dan discovers a magic lamp his three wishes would be: better beard growing ability, the abolishment of Node.js, and the resurrection of 2Pac and Biggie. Until such a time as this, he will contend himself with being a leader of men and an adequate coder.



danielDaniel Oh started working at PDG in 2013 and is experienced in PL/SQL, Java, and C++. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Math/Economics and a specialization in Computing. He likes to play basketball and video games during his free time and enjoys attempting to make jokes.



danielperez_popupDaniel Perez developed a powerful interest in software development as a recreational programmer during his undergraduate years at UCLA. His background involves developing testing strategies for line-of-business and enterprise applications; he has particular expertise in leveraging test automation frameworks such as TestNG and Selenium. Daniel’s lifelong passion is soccer, every weekend he can be found kicking the ball around somewhere while enjoying his time with friends and family.



davebigelowpopupDave is a seasoned Software Engineer with over 20 years experience developing and implementing large scale database applications.  He grew up in Michigan and went to Michigan State and graduated with a BS is Comp Sci and Eng, with minors in Business and Psychology.  Dave loves to write software and work with people and he digs PDG immensely.  In his spare time, Dave likes to hang out with family and friends and play guitar.