The most important goal of any project is to satisfy the customer through early & continuous delivery of useful software.


To deliver quality applications in a timely manner with superior rates of return for our customers and in so doing, challenge the prevailing thinking on IT structure and outsourcing.

What Sets Us Apart

We are Agile purists. As such we believe the most important goal of any project is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of useful software.

Experienced developers wear all the hats on PDGC projects. We believe all roles on application projects are technical roles. For example, experienced developers with deep knowledge of the business (like all members of PDGC) can be the most valuable and effective functional resources. Gathering customer requirements and writing specs affords developers fundamental insight into the business problems the system is meant to solve – insight that is critical to designing and building quality, usable systems. The same tenements hold true for project management, testing etc.

We start small on projects – and make every effort to stay small. All projects may not end small, and many shouldn’t, but in our opinion they should all start that way. When managed well, and staffed properly, customers are often amazed by how much a tight, experienced team can get done in a short period of time. With small teams costs are minimized, communication is maximized and frameworks are built that make the future addition of new tea